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track kids with gps location

Concerned parents have contact us at because they want to buy a GPS watch for kids, housing, or watch, to keep track of their child on the path to the back of the school. Here are the keys to choose well. With the return to school, parents are most worried about are their anxiety… And if the “bundle of joy” was returning from school ? A fear that benefits to manufacturers of GPS for children. For proof, Weenect has seen its orders double in recent weeks compared to its cruising speed and its tracer is now out of stock. It is that, today, there is a real market for connected objects used to locate more young people. Several forms are proposed to pacify the parents, for the simple case shown in multiplying features.

To equip your child with a GPS, plan on a minimum of 70 bucks. At this price point, Weenect offers a box blue 6cm of height to hang the bag or to slip into a pocket. Connected to an iPhone or Android application, it allows you to monitor the child on a card, to receive a notification when it enters or leaves a zone, or when the battery is low. The young user can also use the alert button and to take a short call (10 minutes per month). It will, however, add a minimum of usd 3.50 per month for a subscription that is essential for the sharing of the position via a SIM card. On the occasion of the new school year, the case is in promotion at $49 in stores Walmart, Amazon or Target.

Linkoo has preferred to integrate the GPS to a watch connected. We, therefore, find the same location features to which are added a few bells and whistles such as a sensor to know if the watch is ripped off or a tracker of activities (step counter, distance travelled, calories). The first model is sold for $69 , but then again a subscription is needed : with $7,41 per month, minimum, the child will be able to enjoy voice, data and SMS unlimited. More high-end, Kiwip offers watches at $149 with an unlimited package to $9.99 per month. Distinguishing mark, the mark allows you to block the smart features of the device during class hours.

These two types of tracers are addressed may be not exactly the same audience. The box is more discreet and has a battery performance (up to 5 days compared to 2 watches). The watches are connected, they are half-way between the housing and the smartphone and thus, probably, more to pre-teens.

Applications for smartphones

track kids with gps

For smaller scholarships, there are also enclosures that GPS are very simple, and not specifically aimed at children, marketed $30-40 . But this time, it will take you to fend for yourself to order a SIM card and a subscription with the operator of your choice. In addition, no application is developed to work in concert, so you’ll need to send an SMS to get the GPS position of the tracer. Not the optimal solution…
Finally, if you count all of the ways to provide a mobile phone to your child, especially if he is older, nothing prevents you to use the GPS of the device. Several applications, such as find my friends (iOS) or Family Locator (iOS and Android), allow you to track the position of the smartphone and set alerts.
So are you going to equip your child with a GPS ? Beyond the technical aspect, it is a choice of education. Adrien Harmel, Weenect, defends its product. “Sales are increasing each year, the standards are changing”, he says. “Two parents, three regret the purchase of a mobile phone for their child. Once he has one, he does everything except answer you, you !”, he argues. But for this debate, it is up to you to decide.

How to operate the GPS watch of my child

best children fitness trackerYou just bought your GPS watch as well as a SIM card (if you don’t have a SIM card, see the article What SIM card for the GPS watch to my child ?) and you want to make it work, to monitor your child right now.
Follow the guide !

Installing the SIM card in the watch

  1. Make sure that the micro-SIM card that you have purchased for the watch does not have a PIN. To do this, use the micro-SIM card in a phone and disable the PIN code.
  2. Once the PIN code is disabled, insert the micro-SIM card in the watch. To do this :
  3. remove the 4 screws of the rear cover
  4. remove the battery under the hood
  5. open the SIM card compartment
  6. place the SIM card into the compartment proper
  7. close the compartment, replace the battery and replace the back cover
  8. Turn on the watch. Make sure he or she shows signals of the network (top left) and it receives data (the E next to the signal network).

haier smartwatch

Registration on the application SeTracker
First of all, install the application SeTracker on your mobile :

Application iOS
Application Android

1.Enter the ID by hand or by scanning the code on the back of the watch with the camera of your phone.
2.Enter your e-mail.
3.Choose a name for the watch.
4.Enter YOUR phone number (not the watch).
5.Choose a password.
6.Select your region.

You should receive a confirmation message and be able to configure the watch now.

Codes to that your watch connects to your mobile network

picture of pingme gps kids watchIf your watch does not connect to the network, it is necessary to follow these steps to adjust the watch on the network of the inserted SIM card.
In order to communicate with your GPS watch for child. just send an sms to your mobile number of the SIM card inserted in the watch connected.
A) To check the settings of your watch connected: pw,123456,ts#
You will receive the following reply by SMS:

Please verify that the ID and the IMEI are the same as on the barcode on the back of the watch.
Please also check that the port is 8001.
(B) in Order to do a reset of the watch with the following code: pw,123456,imsi#
Once this code is sent to the watch, you will receive a response like:
Imsi:9655020025815814615 (figures may vary)
If at this stage the problem is still not fixed, go to the next point.
C) Check with your internet service provider in order to have the information APN to be sent to the GPS watch.
Once you have this information, send the following code to the watch: pw,123456,afn,internet,,,#
You will receive as a response: Apn:internet;Name of user:;Password:;userdata:.
Make sure that these information are good and try again to see if your problem is resolved.

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